Peregrine Falcons Live Cameras

The Newton and Arkwright building in Nottingham is home to a breeding pair of peregrine falcons, who nest on an outside ledge near the top. Watch live footage of them over the season as they lay eggs and rear their chicks.

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  • YouTube Live
  • VLC Player Instructions

    For PC and Mac

    1. Download and install VLC Player
    2. Download this file (right click and Save As):
    3. Open VLC Player, Media -> Open File, and open the file you downloaded
    4. Press the track skip buttons to change cameras

    For Android smartphone

    1. Install the VLC Player app from Google Play
    2. Open the VLC Player app
    3. Press 'Open MRL' from the left menu, and type:
    4. I find it can take a good 30 seconds for the stream to open. Play controls appear if you swipe up from the bottom of the screen. It isn't very intuitive


    1. Install the VLC for Mobile app from the App Store
    2. Open the VLC Player app
    3. Press 'Network Stream' from the left menu
    4. Type this URL into the box at the top:
    5. Press 'Open Network Stream'
    6. Press 'ntucalconcams.m3u' which should now be added to the list
    7. The camera streams should now show. It can take 30 seconds to start. Use the track skip buttons to change between the three cameras.

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