Simple Trac and Subversion hosting

DreamHost now offers one-click Trac and Subversion hosting. Trac is a web-based revision and bug tracking system allowing you to roll back and share your source code in a team and as an individual, track bugs and development goals, and much more.

You can read why you should always use a source control system like Trac/Subversion in Ronald Widha’s post.

For a cheap and easy to set up hosted Trac solution, all you need is a DreamHost hosting plan. It is extremely cheap (I have a discount code for you). You also get some other notable benefits including:

•    Virtually unlimited bandwidth
•    Virtually unlimited disk space
•    Links easily to Amazon’s CloudFront content delivery network so you can have your content mirrored at servers all around the world (blog example)
•    Free Google Adsense credit (usually $50)
•    Option to have a virtualised server with root access, with memory configurable to the megabyte instantly, and Railscrapetc
•    97-day refund guarantee
•    One free domain name registration
•    Option to host your email and documents with Gmail and Google Docs for free (this is usually chargeable for businesses)

I’ve hosted my personal sites and projects with DreamHost for years, and found them to be reliable. There have been some downtimes here and there but nothing serious. For the price I pay and the amount of resources I use (I use over 1TB of bandwidth a month) it is a fantastic deal. Ed Eliot agrees. I have also found the support to be very friendly and generally quick, and there is an option to have telephone contact (often unavailable with cheaper web hosts).

I also designed an application using DreamHost’s API and won their competition (prize money $$$ 🙂 ).

You can get $10 off an already cheap hosting plan using the code JONH10. You’ll also get one free domain name registration. There is a 97-day refund period so you don’t risk anything giving it a go. Click here to sign up.

In summary, the cheapest DreamHost account will give you a one-click Trac and Subversion hosted solution.

And yes, I do get a reward if you sign up 🙂