Simple Trac and Subversion hosting

DreamHost now offers one-click Trac and Sub­ver­sion host­ing. Trac is a web-based revi­sion and bug track­ing sys­tem allow­ing you to roll back and share your source code in a team and as an indi­vid­ual, track bugs and devel­op­ment goals, and much more.

You can read why you should always use a source con­trol sys­tem like Trac/Subversion in Ronald Widha’s post.

For a cheap and easy to set up host­ed Trac solu­tion, all you need is a DreamHost host­ing plan. It is extreme­ly cheap (I have a dis­count code for you). You also get some oth­er notable ben­e­fits includ­ing:

•    Vir­tu­al­ly unlim­it­ed band­width
•    Vir­tu­al­ly unlim­it­ed disk space
•    Links eas­i­ly to Amazon’s Cloud­Front con­tent deliv­ery net­work so you can have your con­tent mir­rored at servers all around the world (blog exam­ple)
•    Free Google Adsense cred­it (usu­al­ly $50)
•    Option to have a vir­tu­alised serv­er with root access, with mem­o­ry con­fig­urable to the megabyte instant­ly, and Railscrapetc
•    97-day refund guar­an­tee
•    One free domain name reg­is­tra­tion
•    Option to host your email and doc­u­ments with Gmail and Google Docs for free (this is usu­al­ly charge­able for busi­ness­es)

I’ve host­ed my per­son­al sites and projects with DreamHost for years, and found them to be reli­able. There have been some down­times here and there but noth­ing seri­ous. For the price I pay and the amount of resources I use (I use over 1TB of band­width a month) it is a fan­tas­tic deal. Ed Eliot agrees. I have also found the sup­port to be very friend­ly and gen­er­al­ly quick, and there is an option to have tele­phone con­tact (often unavail­able with cheap­er web hosts).

I also designed an appli­ca­tion using DreamHost’s API and won their com­pe­ti­tion (prize mon­ey $$$ 🙂 ).

You can get $10 off an already cheap host­ing plan using the code JONH10. You’ll also get one free domain name reg­is­tra­tion. There is a 97-day refund peri­od so you don’t risk any­thing giv­ing it a go. Click here to sign up.

In sum­ma­ry, the cheap­est DreamHost account will give you a one-click Trac and Sub­ver­sion host­ed solu­tion.

And yes, I do get a reward if you sign up 🙂