Virtual Server Response Times

I used Ping­dom to test the response time of an Ama­zon EC2 (Elas­tic Com­pute Cloud) instance and a Dyn­DNS Spring Serv­er. Both are vir­tu­al serv­er offer­ings. DynDNS’s Spring Serv­er was mar­gin­al­ly faster in terms of ping response time.

After using both for the past few months, I have found that the Dyn­DNS Spring Serv­er is much eas­i­er to get start­ed with ini­tial­ly, but Amazon’s EC2 is much more flex­i­ble.

Pingdom response times for Amazon EC2 server
Ping­dom response times for Ama­zon EC2 serv­er
Pingdom response times for DynDNS Spring Server
Ping­dom response times for Dyn­DNS Spring Serv­er