Opera Mini

Photograph of Nokia W810i mobile phone showing Opera Mini browserNearly everyone must have seen the iPhone and iPod Touch’s mobile web browser and found it a great idea to get what they call ‘the real Internet’ on a mobile device. If you have a cellphone that is Java-compatible (the majority are), try out Opera Mini. I’ve had it for a few weeks on an average Sony Ericsson and it works very well. Browsing is also increased by an encrypted socket connection to Opera’s servers.

Soundboards – A World of Soundbites

I’ve finished the first release of the new soundboards site! I made a similar project a few years ago, and thanks to various links around the Internet, I have been getting a steady 1000 unique visitors per day.

Some of the benefits of this new version include the auto-resizing of Adobe Flex (so much easier and reliable than using Stage handlers in Flash), and some AJAX enhancements. Enjoy!

Some of the features aren’t 100%… if you find any problems, please contact me.


The blog is back! After a long time of not having a place to publish any interesting snippets or projects, I am slowly building this new site. I’m not sure if I will keep this blog, but hey, it’s a personal site so I can play around to my heart’s content.

Jonathan Hassall