A Droplet for KRPano for Publishing 360 Videos

Here is the first version of a simple droplet for converting and publishing 360 panoramic videos. It is intended to be used for the processed output file from a Ricoh Theta S that has the standard 1920×960 resolution. It is easy to do manually, but many people asked for an automatic droplet.

It conveniently includes 32-bit and 64-bit versions of FFMPEG for performing video conversion.


  1. Extract to your KRPano folder.
  2. Drag your MP4 video file to the ‘MAKE PANO (VIDEO FAST) droplet’.
  3. Be patient while your video is encoded to various formats.
  4. Rename the finished ‘video_x’ folder to a name of your choice.

You can download the droplet here:

Recent improvements include:

  • Adding three variations of quality, which can be accessed by the viewer in Settings.
  • Improving the quality of the default playback setting.
  • Automatically switching to the lowest quality when used on a mobile device.
  • Using a single .webm video, as the format is very rarely used, and very time consuming to encode.
  • Outputs to a named folder.

Here is a demonstration video and another.

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