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Vacation with Autographer

I was lucky enough to take an Auto­g­ra­ph­er device on vaca­tion to the Unit­ed States this year.

This piece of wear­able tech­nol­o­gy is designed to be an ‘auto­mat­ic pho­tog­ra­ph­er,’ doc­u­ment­ing your life with­out inter­rupt­ing it.Autographer digital camera

Auto­g­ra­ph­er is a small wear­able cam­era, that uses five sen­sors to deter­mine opti­mal moments to take pho­tographs. The sen­sors include a three axis accelerom­e­ter, com­pass, light sen­sor, heat sen­sor and GPS.

A few years ago I con­struct­ed a device using a keyring dig­i­tal cam­era and an Atmel AtTiny chip (essen­tial­ly a tiny, low pow­er Arudi­no). The idea was to take a pho­to­graph at set inter­vals, in order to doc­u­ment a day’s activ­i­ties. Pow­er and stor­age require­ments at the time meant it wasn’t fea­si­ble.

I found my Auto­g­ra­ph­er cam­era last­ed most of a day with a full charge. The 8GB stor­age last­ed approx­i­mate­ly three weeks.

It was a great talk­ing point when meet­ing new peo­ple. And it is great to have mem­o­ries doc­u­ment­ed. I have found it ‘reminds you to remem­ber moments’ when look­ing through images. I believe back in the days of Sense­Cam, a tar­get for the tech­nol­o­gy were patients with mem­o­ry loss.

The soft­ware sup­plied can cre­ate short time­lapse videos, and com­bine it with music. I made a quick video of a day at the beach, and won Autographer’s pic­ture of the week, and received a t-shirt.

Here is the video (music warn­ing):

The low­er cir­cu­lar part of the cam­era is a lens cap. When closed, it shows a bright yel­low area. I found myself clos­ing the lens cap dur­ing moments requir­ing pri­va­cy. This removed any doubt that per­haps the device was still oper­at­ing:

I would high­ly rec­om­mend this cam­era for any­one who would like a record of their dai­ly activ­i­ties, per­haps on a spe­cial vaca­tion. I have want­ed to be able to record in this fash­ion for years, and this device func­tioned admirably.

You can find out more about this device at the Auto­g­ra­ph­er web site

Where did your disk space go? Space Disk Analyser

If you’ve ever run out of disk space and faced the dif­fi­cult deci­sion of what files to delete or offload to DVDs or an exter­nal hard dri­ve, this pro­gram may help you.

Space from AndyH Software

This soft­ware cre­ates a visu­al­i­sa­tion of your hard dri­ve so you can see how much space files and fold­ers are using. Click on the screen­shot to view an exam­ple.

For exam­ple, you may find that your tem­po­rary files are very large and delet­ing them would free up space. Or per­haps your pho­to gallery is so large that it is time to archive last year’s pho­tographs to DVDs or an exter­nal hard dri­ve.

Space showing block mode with treeIt works with hard dri­ves, CD/DVD dri­ves, mapped net­work dri­ves and FTP accounts.

You can try it out in full by down­load­ing it from here. After 30 days you can decide to pur­chase it. The instal­la­tion is very min­i­mal and not bloat­ed.

Download Space disk space visualisation software for free Down­load for Win­dows

**Note that this pro­gram has now been dis­con­tin­ued**